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Welcome to the official site of "Tak Giu" - the short film. (Comedy/Drama)

"Tak Giu" (15mins, Singlish/with English subtitles) is an indie film about soccer/football culture in Singapore. Having taken up the challenge of a friendly soccer match, 3 soccer/football crazy boys realise that it is not easy to find a good, free public soccer field in Singapore…..if there’s any at all. Through their journey they encounter obnoxious care-takers, locked-up fences, deterring weather and a persistent policeman. Will they be able to find their dream soccer pitch?

The story explores the issues of soccer amenities, and the attitudes of Singaporeans towards local and foreign soccer.

Daison Png, Stanley Huang, Jacen Tan, Lee Whye Leong,
Mohd Suhaimi
Written, Directed and Produced by Jacen Tan.
Sound/Music and Editing by Jacen Tan
(Hosay Studio 2004/05) Email: hosay at musician.org

News Update - 01 February 2006
Welcome to the revamped Tak Giu site. Thanks for all your support in the past year! A big thanks to all the webspace donors, bloggers, press and media, football fans, webmasters, donors, and those who bought the sold-out Tak Giu T-shirts!

>The new Jacen Tan film, 'Zo Peng' will be up at soon at www.hosaywood.com

Read Tak Giu press and interviews here.

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Name: bao - Time: 23.5.2006 - 19:47 Message:
Name: Iportant - Time: 9.5.2006 - 20:15 Message:
Eh limpeh cannot download leh...anyone can tell me where to down i will really appriciate it...ty
Name: steve - Time: 18.4.2006 - 2:43 Message:
there really no need for more field. sg soccer really cant make it
Name: princessgx - Time: 16.4.2006 - 4:23 Message:
My 2nd time watching it, and just as wonderful.
Name: suture-soul - Time: 14.4.2006 - 2:35 Message:
the ending sums it all. bravo
Name: Budi - Time: 7.4.2006 - 19:43 Message:
Excellent Cinematography.
Not like a work of 22 yrs old. I am very impressed.
Most of the short films have less technique in Shooting angle and in using the resources.
Way to go, Jacen. Well done.
Name: nick - Time: 12.3.2006 - 19:06 Message:
wow .. nice trick bluffing the policeman in the car park ..
Name: nick - Time: 12.3.2006 - 19:06 Message:
wow .. nice trick bluffing the policeman in the car park ..
Name: soef - Time: 5.3.2006 - 23:02 Message:
haha..laughed my ass off watching dis.good job guys :)
Name: ivan - Time: 4.3.2006 - 3:50 Message:
very good attempt. you have shown what i have felt about soccer in singapore.

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